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Smartgrades School Notebook

RRP $15.99

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Make the Grade and Achieve the Dream #1 SMARTGRADES School Notebook for Academic Success

ACANDY Testing Tools How to Ace Every Test Every Time How to Ace a Multiple Choice Test How to Ace an English Essay Test How to Become Great at Taking a Test How to Memorize Voluminous Facts for Total Recall How to Ace Your Math Test How to Ace Your Science Test How to Ace a Spelling Test

ACANDY Writing Tools How to Write a Grade A English Essay How to Write a Grade A Research Paper How to Proofread Your Paper to Perfection How to Paraphrase (Not Plagiarize) Research Material How to Use Transition Words to Bridge Ideas How to Use Citations to Document Your Sources How to Design a Great Science Fair Experiment

ACANDY Reading Tools How to Speed Read a Textbook How to Read a Novel and Ace the Test How to Become Great at Vocabulary How to Do More Homework in Less Time

ACANDY Organization Tools How to Create a Great Study Room, Schedule, and Strategy

ACANDY Thinking Tools How to Develop Your Critical Thinking Tools How to Develop Your Creative Thinking Tools How to Develop Your Scientific Thinking Tools How to Develop Your Mathematical Thinking Tools How to Develop Your Power of Concentration How to Become an Independent Thinker How to Make All Your Dream Comes True

SMARTGRADES Academic Assignment Planner The SMARTGRADES Academic Planner has time management tools and a self-awareness journal to keep students energized, organized, and ontime for school assignments. ISBN: 978-1-885872-88-3 ISBN: 978-1-885872-78-4

SMARTGRADES Textbook Test Review Notebook The Textbook Test Review Notebook teaches students how to read a textbook, write a Test Review Note, and ace a test. ISBN: 978-1-885872-92-0 ISBN: 978-1-885872-91-3

GOOD GRADES DESERVE GREAT REWARDS Earn an A Grade, Earn a Free Gift For Details, Visit

Parents Take Action Newsletter ACANDY PROCESSING TOOLS is the most important education project in the country. Students are able to process the academic facts for long-term retention, ace their exams, and achieve academic success.

Biography The Great American Notebook Company is on a mission to place ACANDY Learning Tools directly into the hands of all students. All students earn A Grades on the next test. In 24 hours, floundering and failing students are back on track for academic success. Ms. Sugar, New York City s premier academic learning specialist pioneered the development of ACANDY Processing Tools. Ms. Sugar is also the author of the best selling books, "EVERY DAY AN EASY A" and "The Silent Crisis Destroying America's Brightest Minds" (Chosen as "Book of the Month" by the Alma Public Library in Wisconsin).

Assessing Schools For Generation R (responsibility)

RRP $110.00

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Today's youth will face global environmental changes, as well as complex personal and social challenges.  To address these issues  this collection of essays provides vital insights on how science education can be designed to better engage students and help them solve important problems in the world around them.

Assessing Schools for Generation R (Responsibility) includes theories, research, and practices for envisioning how science and environmental education can promote personal, social, and civic responsibility. It brings together inspiring stories, creative practices, and theoretical work to make the case that science education can be reformed so that students learn to meaningfully apply the concepts they learn in science classes across America and grow into civically engaged citizens. The book calls for a curriculum that equips students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to confront the complex and often ill-defined socioscientific issues of daily life.

The authors are all experienced educators and top experts in the fields of science and environmental education, ecology, experiential education, educational philosophy, policy and history. They examine what has to happen in the domains of teacher preparation and public education to effect a transition of the youth of America.

This exciting, informative, sophisticated and sometimes provocative book will stimulate much debate about the future direction of science education in America, and the rest of the world. It is ideal reading for all school superintendents, deans, faculty, and policymakers looking for a way to implement a curriculum that helps builds students into responsible and engaged citizens.

Collins Gem French School Dictionary [4th Edition]

RRP $12.99

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The ideal handy French reference for secondary school students looking for a dictionary that is modern, up-to-date, clear and easy to use. Developed for home study, and to be used in the classroom. Especially designed for KS3 school students, and is ideal in the classroom, at home and during exams.

  • It contains all the words and phrases students will need, with key curriculum words highlighted, all essential phrases covered, and thousands of examples to show how French is really used.
  • The clear colour layout and alphabet tabs down the side of each page lead the students to the information they need quickly and without fuss. All main translations are underlined to help users go straight to the answer they are looking for.
  • The dictionary includes language tips and culture notes throughout the text.
  • Je suis, tu es… French verbs made easy! Each verb on the French side of the dictionary is cross-referred to a comprehensive 94-page verb guide, with full conjugations and example phrases showing the verb used in context.
Also available in Spanish and German.

Eco-library Design

RRP $354.99

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Eco-Library Design provides a world-wide perspective on 21st century trends in library architecture. In describing the ethos behind the design of Kanazawa Umimirai Library, architects Kazumi Kudo and Hiroshi Horiba, state that "...the act of creating a space that surrounds you with books, is undoubtably linked to the creation of a new enriched sense of public values". Henri Labrouste's Bibliotheque National in Paris is cited as an atmospheric influence on their work. It would seem that in Japan, a country which readily embraces the convenience of electronic and digital books, obituaries for the printed version are somewhat premature. The digital revolution is just one of many challenges faced by the library architect. To satisfy the varied and fast changing demands of library users, flexible, future proof, indoor and outdoor spaces must now support both active and passive pursuits from quiet, contemplative reading to audible public performance. Enhanced user experience is a high priority for the discerning client. This publication explores in detail the evolution of the eco-library, focusing on how design teams cope with diminishing resources in diverse geographic and climatic conditions. The featured projects demonstrate measurable reductions in construction and operational costs through innovative designs that utilise the ecology of a selected site in a positive way. A new library development will now inevitably seek to lead by example, visibly demonstrating good environmental practice to those visiting the facility.

School Rules!

RRP $19.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

You have the exact same job as millions of kids your age -- you're a student! Your job is to gather information and learn fundamentals that will benefit you all through your life. It's actually pretty exciting when you think about it that way! So, whether you go to public, private, or home school, this book is for you. It's filled with quizzes, tricks, and awesome advice about school. There isn't a magical equation for becoming the "best student ever," but this book will help you be the best student you can be. Even better, share it with a friend and make your learning experience double the fun!


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