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Early Work In Photography

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An excerpt from the Introductory:

IN this instruction book the student is advised to begin his photographic education with silver-printing. In every other hand-book (so far as we are aware) negative-making is the first branch described, apparently because making a negative is the first step in the production of a photographic picture. We are sure, from a wide experience of beginners and their requirements, that our system will save the student both time and money, will render the path to proficiency easier and far more pleasant than it usually is (especially for those who have to work entirely alone, and will result in a larger proportion of competent workers from a given number of aspirants, than any other method. In everything we have aimed at simplicity.

The recommendation of the hydroquinone developer arises from the fact that hydroquinone is the best developer for " all-round " work for negatives, lantern-slides, bromide paper and chloride paper, and because one formula may be adapted to all classes of development according to the amount of subsequent dilution. Some of the newer single solution developers might have been recommended; but, if a knowledge of photography is the student's aim, there is a distinct advantage in beginning with the use of developer, accelerator, and restrainer, in separate solutions.

No attempt has been made to exhaust the subject. Our object is to enable any beginner, who will work, to do well all that is necessary to the production of good photograms. When he has thoroughly mastered the first principles contained in this text-book he will have acquired the basis for further work, and may then fearlessly launch into the innumerable and fascinating branches of photography, and its many applications to the arts and sciences.

Speckle Photography For Fluid Mechanics Measurements

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Speckle photography is an advanced experimental technique used for quantitatve determination of density, velocity and temperature fields in gas, liquid, and plasma flows. This book presents the most important equations for the diffraction theory of speckle formation and the statistical properties of speckle fields. It also describes experimental set-ups and the equipment needed to implement these methods. Speckle photography methods for automatic data acquisition and processing are considered and examples for their use are given.

History Of Photography: V. 4

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The fourth volume in a history of photography, this is a bibliography of books on the subject.


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Interior Design Coffee Flowers
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