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From Horse and Hound to Vogue; covering subjects as diverse as charities, cheese-making, and Cheshire; magazines cover everything and there is a a magazine aimed at everyone.

Designed to enthuse, inspire and assist, this textbook covers the business of magazine publishing from inital idea to product launch, and offers practical guidelines on working within the magazine industry. Written by an experienced editor, with contributions from professional journalists, this text and its companion websites give you all the knowledge you need to understand and create successful magazines. Topic covered include:

  • a brief history of magazine publishing
  • planning the publication
  • job roles within the industry
  • feature writing
  • design and layout
  • blogs, e-zines and websites
  • publicity
  • advertising
  • circulation
  • law and ethics

Essential reading for anyone studying magazine journalism or publishing or wanting to work within this exciting field.

The Literary And Historical Index To American Magazines, 1800-1850

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The Literary and Historical Index to American Magazines, 1800-1850, is an invaluable tool for anyone doing research on the United States in the 19th century. With an index that includes a wide range of subjects and individuals, this book provides access to thousands of references that can currently be obtained from no other source. The researcher looking for references to and reviews of well-known authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lydia Huntley Sigourney, and Edgar Allan Poe will find a plethora of entries to examine. And, for those engaged in the investigation of lesser-known figures, the index includes scores of authors who may not be widely recognized but who, nonetheless, made important contributions to American culture. Scholars will find the references easy to follow as well as comprehensive. In addition to general references, the index includes the full titles of books, speeches, poems, short stories, and articles written by subjects so that the reader may select the most relevant citations for his or her research.

A History Of American Magazines - 1885-1905

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Interior Design Coffee Flowers
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